Our project has been in operation since March 2017, and as at the end of 2019 we had 24 bins in operation, had collected over 69km of fishing line, over 6500 hooks and 4500 bait bags/packaging! 

Bin locations

Click on a bin location to learn more about it. Bins are grouped by colour (each bin group is serviced by the same volunteers). 

Live data

Our live data feed can be grouped and sorted depending on your area of interest. Totals can be viewed at the bottom of the table. Scroll to the right to see some interesting volunteer comments (on mobile, click on the entry to open). 


TBP GC Dec 19
TPG GC Dec 18
TBP GC Mar 18
TBP GC Nov 17
TBP GC May 17
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In the media

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