Getting started

We plan to release a guide on the process for setting up this project. In the meantime, you can access this guide which is quite useful to getting you started and covers things such as scoping out sites, stakeholders, maintenance and monitoring and raising awareness. Bear in mind that the Tackle Bin Project uses a different bin style and messaging to this project but the basics still apply. 

The bins we used are designed to have a strong visual aspect and allows messaging on the bin itself. We have only found one manufacturer of these bins, John Vanzella (Melbourne based). He is willing to freight bins anywhere in Australia. Contact him here.

We also have our sticker designs for the bins you can use as a template (though of course yours will need to be modified to suit and we can pass on the details of our graphic designer who could do this for you). Contact us if you'd like these.

Below is our project budget outlining our costs and a contents list you will need for the cleaning kits for volunteers.


Instructions for you to give your volunteers so they know how to clean and audit your bins, and a risk assessment template which you will need to do for insurance purposes. Ensure you volunteers know and have accepted the risks. 

Media and promotion

Our media release that you can copy from and the design of our tri-fold brochures that we put in the fishing shops and local kiosks. You can use our design or contact us and we can put you in touch with our graphic designer who can modify these to suit you. 

Tide time brochure examples


You are welcome to use the images below for your project.

Contents of bin