Our project is not possible without the help of our volunteers so please consider joining our team and help us to continue our work!


Volunteers clean and audit the contents of a bin (or bin group) once a week or fortnight. It usually takes 10 minutes per bin. We have other volunteers who can cover you if you're away or sick.


There is no minimum commitment and all materials, a short training session and insurance will be covered. 

We're currently looking for someone to adopt a bin at Broadbeach Waters (at the fishing platform near the boat ramp off TE Peters drive) and Robina Parkway (at the western end of Boowaggan Road near the dog park). Other locations are covered, but we're always keen to have back up volunteers we can approach if someone leaves. 

We'd also love to have anyone interested in doing social media for us. Please note in the comments section if this could be you.

Thank you!